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We intervene at each stage,  from your search to moving in  on your barge,


Inform you

Not sure what life on the water is like? You want to but don't dare… We are here to answer all your questions concerning all the regulations, mandatory maintenance, inherent costs or even specific procedures and connections. We will also inform you about the community side of this way of life with all the advantages that this entails: neighborhood, associations, mutual aid, boating, nautical activities, events... You will find in  frequently asked questions  those that stand out most often, whether on the housing and environment aspect, the financial and administrative aspect or the practical and playful aspect. However, we remain at your disposal by email or by phone if you want to know more or let us know about your project.


To advise you

You need to be advised for the ten-year maintenance of your barge, we will help you find the expert and the appropriate shipyard. You wish to make arrangements or enlargements, we will guide you in your project, evaluate it and share with you our network of specialists such as naval architect, craftsman, boilermaker… You want to sell your barge, we will be able to put you in touch with a specialized lawyer and will be there to estimate your property.


Accompany you

MYPENICHE accompanies you from the draft to the finalization of your sale or purchase project.
We will be present with buyers and at your disposal to find the barge that will become your home. We will accompany you from the visit to the signature, including the expertise, any development work and specific procedures.
We will also be alongside the sellers so that they find in the best conditions a passionate buyer who will be able to appreciate their floating home and take care of it. We will accompany you, from the estimate to the handover, including visits and the organization of expertise during the trip to the site.


The pluses that make us unique

Our mission does not stop there. As neighbors, inhabitants of the river and professionals, we wish to support you in the maintenance of your barge and the possible management of it, and this throughout your river life. We can, if you wish, offer you pre-expertise that will allow you to pass the expertise serenely and without surprises. We can also take care of the organization and follow-up of your water outings, every ten years maximum. Our advice will remain at your disposal, if you need to undertake such or such work, or to carry out such or such procedure.
And finally, like any self-respecting barge, you need a dinghy to take full advantage of the pleasures that this way of life offers you. If you don't have one, we'll help you find yours.

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