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Our history

We have created MY PÉNICHE to offer you tailor-made support in your search for a home on the Seine,


It all starts with an encounter, that of a new way of life, imbued with space and freedom,

We were respectively  25 and 30 years old when we wanted to buy our 1st apartment.

Browsing through the advertisements, we came across a pretty 20-meter speedboat moored in Sèvres. We went to visit it without knowing what awaited us, and barely inside the boat, we looked at each other and understood. Without even saying a word to each other, we both knew that was where we would live.

Nestled in a small green setting, the Belle Gabrielle offered us everything we had dreamed of: freedom, space inside and outside, a large playground for sailing in a speedboat, the possibility and the immense privilege of being able to indulge in water sports such as wakeboarding, rowing or paddleboarding in a setting that makes you completely forget that you live in the Paris region.

We no longer had a neighbor above and even less below! On the other hand, we discovered a completely different type of neighborhood! It is a real family that we have joined ; people from all walks of life, friendly, whole, sincere, open, smiling… happy and generous people 

A barge, a living space which  adapts and modulates,

On this first barge, we had our first two children, then, starting to run out of space, we had the boat enlarged. Because here is one of the great advantages of living on a boat: it is that you can fit it out and refit it as you wish, even enlarge it or even raise it, (thus gaining a considerable space at moderate prices )

When our youngest daughter arrived, we had to move.

We then sold the Belle Gabrielle and bought another larger barge, which once again we had completely rehabilitated to make it exactly the boat we wanted. It was on these occasions that we met many craftsmen from the Seine, some of whom have become real friends. Between workers in metal, wood, electricity, plumbing, painting, boat mechanics or decoration, there are many people on the river who know how to put their skills at the service of your boat. .

It was also during the ten-year outings of our two boats that, sailing to the shipyards to have the hull surveys carried out, we met the dock teams and the river experts, who take care of the submerged part of your floating house.


An adventure we want  to share and promote

We have been living on the Seine for 10 years now and we will probably never leave!

So it is quite naturally that we wanted to become the spokespersons and advisers of this way of life. For this we have created the company  MY PÉNICHE, combining  our expertise acquired in the field   (as to practicality and of a barge and the functioning of river life), and  the desire to want to pass on a heritage and the happiness of being part of it.

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